Our telephone line is now transferred to remote working.

However, please contact us via email in the first instance – .

To speak with Ben personally please call 01308 482196 or 07967 606869.

Like many design practices we are able to keep working smoothly from home and we are entirely set up remotely, with all systems fully operational.

On the evening of Monday 16th March, I made a commitment to the practice that we would get through to the other side without one redundancy. I said that to do that, I may ask sacrifices from our whole team: as well as being colleagues, we are friends, we are a sort of family, we are highly trained in our roles; we are motivated, and we are sticking together.

Everyone in the firm unanimously voted to take a pay cut if we needed to so that no-one else suffered redundancy.  Clearly the newly announced generous government package may alleviate this pressure further.

Our studio is now physically closed. We are expecting and planning that it remains so for a long time.

When we re-open we will be moving into a fantastic new space – double in size: it’s ironic that our construction work was due to finish the very week we had to move operations to around the world. It will be very good to return, when the time is right!

But until we do, the office is fully operational and working extremely hard.  Some of our sectors are incredibly busy, others will become less so, for obvious reasons, but the business remains very strong and extremely focused on existing and new projects.

We remain equally focussed on trying to provide continuing work to the many collaborators with whom we have worked for over a decade; from CGI production, graphic designers, writers, landscape architects, engineers and many skilled craftsmen and makers, and others. Keeping this part of the economy warm is a crucial part of our role, and of our clients, now.

The doors of Pentreath & Hall, our shop, closed at 5pm on Monday 16th March too, in order to keep our staff and our city safe.  The website is now closed until it is safe for us to pack goods and for them to be collected by the dispatchers.

I am convinced we will all get safely to the other side, although I believe when the world is back to ‘normal’ it will be a different one – actually a better one.

Ben Pentreath