Our telephone line is transferred to remote working, but please contact us via email in the first instance: .

To speak with Ben personally please call 01308 482196 or 07967 606869.

Like many design practices we have been able to keep working smoothly from home and we are entirely set up remotely, with all systems fully operational.

We are now planning to progressively start re-opening our studio in London on Monday 15th June, with most staff returning to the office by Monday 29th June.

We’ll be moving into beautiful new enlarged and redecorated premises – our office extension is complete and we’ve taken advantage of the entire office working remotely to look after our own space. We’ve had a big refresh, repaint and sort out – something we never normally have time to do!

The new office will be operating with fully socially distanced workstations, so around half of the members of the studio will remain based at home for the time being, coming into London for meetings only if necessary.

We’ve put into place all health & safety measures recommended by the Government and have set up a ‘safe travel to work allowance’ for staff who need extra time or expense to travel safely. The wellbeing of all members of the studio is paramount to me.

We’ve been extremely fortunate in the weeks since March 16th when we closed the studio. Our kind clients have been highly supportive; every single member of the practice has worked unbelievably hard to keep everything moving forward well; and while some projects have been placed on hold, others have moved forward even faster and we have continued to receive lots of exciting new enquiries. We’ve been surprisingly busy as a result – which gives me a great personal sense of optimism.

At the start of the crisis, I said that I was going to focus on trying to provide continuing work to the many collaborators with whom we have worked for over a decade; from CGI production, graphic designers, writers, landscape architects, engineers to many skilled craftsmen and makers, and others. I’m glad to say that we’ve been able to do so. Keeping these part of the economy alive makes our own small contribution to the recovery.

The Pentreath & Hall website is now fully reopen and we are planning to re-open the shop on 15th June, refreshed and repainted – together with our fellow traders on beautiful Rugby and Lambs Conduit Streets.

I think the main hope now is that when we all reopen and life begins to return to a sense of ‘normal’, we’ve taken this time properly to reflect… and that, hopefully, when many things come back – they do so with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning.

Ben Pentreath