February 2, 2015

Meandering on the Somerset border

We had a fantastic weekend. There is not a lot to write, but a lot to look at. Bitterly cold winds swept across Dorset, but accompanied by bright sunshine – the best sort of winter day. We decided to visit Montacute, that fantastic Elizabethan house on the Somerset border, whose garden I thought might be looking rather perfect in the clear austere winter light. We set off, calling into the little town of Crewkerne on the way.


I love Crewkerne, with its perfect combination of sublime classical town architecture in dark orange Hamstone, and the charm of a place that is not over-done up. At all.P1070747 P1070748 P1070751 P1070753 P1070755 P1070761

The Church of St. Bartholomew watches over the town, and is beautiful.P1070765

I loved this pile of orange chairs and ancient framed pictures on the back wall.P1070769

P1070771 P1070776

Charlie and I had a good haul at the Crewkerne Antiques Centre…P1070780


China dogs anyone?

The butcher’s shop signage spoke of a prouder era for our small towns:P1070782

I was sad to see the bookshop, that I first visited I guess 15 years ago, has gone. A fantastic opportunity for someone perhaps? Hence this photo:P1070783

One of the beautiful late Georgian houses that are found on every corner. It’s a fine town, with a spirit of its own.P1070784

A short drive through deep, narrow Somerset lanes took us to Montacute.  Elizabethan vistas spread across the brown-green-grey landscape.
P1070796 P1070798 P1070804 P1070807 P1070814

Your first glimpse of a drift of snowdrops is always a cheering sight:P1070815 P1070818

The pair of tiny pavilions at either corner of the East Court are like jewel-boxes:P1070823 P1070828 P1070831 P1070834 P1070835

The perfect orangery:P1070836 P1070838 P1070842 P1070850 P1070851 P1070860 P1070862

Montacute has the almost perfect architectural garden. Signs of spring in the east court:P1070872

And home… to find the last rays of the sun at the Old Parsonage. It occurred to me it’s a very long time since I’ve posted a photo of the OP. You will be reassured to know that nothing has changed:P1070873 P1070879 P1070883

But all is good. On Saturday night, we had our Burns Night supper in the village hall. By all accounts the revels carried on until 5 in the morning. Sunday was an extremely quiet day in the village.

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