Poundbury Commercial

Poundbury is the Duchy of Cornwall‘s remarkable development on the outskirts of Dorchester. Ben Pentreath has been working on the development for almost 20 years, since his first engagement, as a student at the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture, to design the public house and shops that form the centre of the first Phase of Poundbury.

The practice is now deeply involved in the design and delivery of Poundbury, working closely alongside the Duchy, their masterplanner, Leon Krier, and the various developers who are engaged on the project. Much of our work is in the design of housing, but one of the most innovative features of Krier’s plan is the incorporation of a large amount of commercial building within the development itself. ¬†Poundbury boasts some startlingly successful figures for the delivery of mixed use development.

Over many years now we have found interesting ways to design these buildings, creating focal points and character within the development as a whole Рas well as responding carefully to the needs of specific end users such as McCarthy & Stone, whose building is pictured below, and with whom we have subsequently worked on their prominent Weymouth Harbourside site.


The Duchy of Corwall

Poundbury, Dorchester

Poundbury Commercial