Poundbury Residential

Poundbury is the Duchy of Cornwall’s urban extension to the county town of Dorchester. Developed over a period of 20 years, with a further 10-15 years to completion, and designed to a masterplan by Leon Krier, Poundbury has been an extraordinarily influential demonstration of the Prince of Wales’s vision for new mixed-use development.

Ben Pentreath has been increasingly involved in the design and delivery of Poundbury, and the practice is now responsible for much of the new development constructed since 2009, and into the future. We have created a variety of architectural styles in different areas of the development, but all based on a clear understanding of what the local housebuilders are able to deliver well. We have focused our attention as much on internal layouts as external design, but with particular effort paid to achieving a very high level of architectural detail.

Future Phases on the drawing board include for an urban Quarter of the development that will be planned with in a repetitive 19th century architectural language, drawing inspiration from the great London Estates as well as more local examples; a small area based on John Nash’s Picturesque Blaise Hamlet; and the concluding phase of the settlement that will draw heavily on a planned Arts and Crafts language of architecture.


The Duchy of Cornwall

Poundbury, Dorchester

1996 - current

Poundbury Residential