Tornagrain is a new town being developed by Moray Estates to the east of Inverness. Part of a broad strategy to meet new housing demand in the Highlands, Tornagrain has been planned for almost a decade. The major master plan was developed by Andres Duany and DPZ, and this was granted outline approval in the summer of 2012.

Ben Pentreath & Associates won a limited competition to take forward the scheme to detailed planning in 2011. Since then we have been working closely with the landowner and with DPZ to bring forward a more detailed master plan for the first 200 dwellings, which will also include retail and commercial space, recreation grounds and tennis courts, and a school.

The design of the houses draws closely on the appearance of local towns and Darnaway Estate buildings, combined with more contemporary elements in rear courtyards and mews. The town as a whole allows for a huge variety of architectural scale and language.

The town founding ceremony was held in the summer of 2015. A detailed planning application for the first Phase was submitted in 2015 and it is expected that construction works for these dwellings will take 4-5 years.


Moray Estates

Inverness, Scotland

2010 - current