A classic country house

This is the initial design for a beautiful site in Cheshire. Our clients had expressed a strong interest in the architecture of Belton House, the famous country house near Grantham in Lincolnshire, and together we designed a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic H-shaped house with a central hall and two flanking wings.

The entrance front, facing parkland and a lake, is in stone, with side elevations and the garden front in a softer red brick and stone.  To the side is a flanking service wing.  We worked with the renowned landscape designer Jinny Blom on the setting of the building within pleasure gardens and a wider parkland estate plan.

The planning application, for a replacement dwelling within the Green Belt, would have been under the Paragraph 80 ‘Exceptional Country Houses’ approach, but following significant discussions with officers, and with our clients, we have designed a smaller house with a less imposing architectural character for resubmission in 2023.




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A classic country house