A house in New Zealand

This is a design for a new house in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Under construction in 2023-24, the house draws carefully on the brief of the young family who are our clients, who have a very strong interest in classical architecture and design.

We worked very closely with them over several months during the pandemic – with regular video-conferencing to share ideas and development – proving that it is absolutely possible to design a perfect house remotely, if needs be. Construction starts in the spring of 2023 and we hope that upon completion this will be one of the finest new homes to be built in the fine city of Christchurch.

We have gone on to work on a large number of masterplanning projects for the same client, who owns an innovative, highly design-focused development company, Brooksfield, that is helping to rebuild Christchurch after the earthquake damage of 2011.


Christchurch, New Zealand


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A house in New Zealand