A Neo-Classical House

This is a Paragraph 80 design for a fine site in South Cambridgeshire. The site has an interesting planning history, with an approved design for a highly contemporary building. Our client had ultimately decided that he would prefer to build a classical house and approached our practice to design a replacement.

Drawing on the neo-classical architectural tradition that finds deep roots in nearby Cambridge, and in the East Anglian work of Sir John Soane and his successors, we developed a plan for a central block with two flanking wings, designed in a restrained and austere language, suitable for the plain and itself austere Cambridgeshire countryside.

Walls are in lime render with natural stone dressings and construction was to be in a highly innovative hemcrete.  The house sits in a regenerative, productive landscape, with large groves of fast-growing coppice woodland which provides fuel for the heating systems.

Initial engagement with South Cambridgeshire planning officers suggested that the council felt that a classical design was not appropriate for the site and the Paragraph 80 route, and our client decided not to proceed further.




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A Neo-Classical House