A North Yorkshire Farmhouse

This is a design for an entirely new farmhouse for young family in North Yorkshire. Designed by our senior director Rupert Cunningham, who lives in the county, the design draws carefully on local traditions to create a large new classical farmhouse.

The design is for a building where the massing and forms intentionally reflect the language of the 17th, 18th and 19th century Yorkshire farms, with a cluster of buildings of different detail, scale and massing – it is a large house but one that nestles within its fine landscape settling, without dominating or shouting ‘new build’. Rupert’s usual combination of highly authentic detailing, fine proportion and restrained architectural language are at their best here.

The visualisations show different iterations the facade design, three and five bays, that we investigated with our client before planning submission.

Built of local stone, the building will be highly energy efficient in construction and operation.


North Yorkshire


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A North Yorkshire Farmhouse