A Scottish Farmhouse

For a large estate in the Highlands of Scotland, this is a new family house designed by our senior design director, Rupert Cunningham.

The house was designed to be built to a budget, but has a great sense of scale and underlying elegance to its simple, Georgian vernacular form. Double hung sash windows with simple stone surrounds and softly lime harled walls sit beautifully within an entirely natural landscape.  Drawing closely on traditional forms, the main accommodation is contained under a simple hipped-roof building, with a two storey service wing to the side.

This a simple and classic building that demonstrates the power of good design in elevating the ordinary to something beautiful and special.

Now constructed, these images show our design intention through CGI rendering, which we use on many of our projects to perfect design and detailing and to demonstrate to owners exactly how their house will look and feel upon completion.





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A Scottish Farmhouse