Remodeled Manor House

At a beautiful site above Beaminster, in West Dorset, we are working on a major remodeling of a recently constructed house (completed in 2000) that lacks character and is very poorly planned and detailed.

In the building’s favour, it has a sensational location, with fine views in every direction and a south-facing main elevation – not always the case in Dorset. Moreover the scale and shape of the existing house was not without merit. As is so often the way, its failings were in the detail – making for a building that could and should have been beautiful, but was in fact dull, lifeless and without character.

Over a period of several months we have developed a re-working of the internal layouts to make a much better-planned family home, and developed ideas for the complete remodeling of the exterior which will involve construction of new stone mullioned bay windows, incorporation of new stone and leaded light windows throughout, replacement of the poor quality slate roof and demolition of a large and ill-sited conservatory to form a new much smaller garden room attached to the house.

We have worked alongside the landscape architect Pip Morrison to create a much finer setting for the house, and which links the building to the wider landscape through a series of low terraced walls and classic English borders.


West Dorset


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Remodeled Manor House