Elgin Crescent

For a happy former client, we were delighted to help on a new project in the heart of Notting Hill, restoring and upgrading one of the boldly coloured 19th-century townhouses in Elgin Crescent.  Our architectural work was significant; the house had been very poorly renovated by a developer, and our task was to put back an interior will a suitably authentic historic character – at the same time as updating and remodelling the building to make it into a fresh and exciting family home.

The architectural works involved the restoration of both facades, reconstruction of the roof, and a new rear extension – all work carried out in a way that seamlessly blends new with old.

The project was overseen by our directors Jennifer Bell and Rupert Cunningham, with interior design by the studio. Further images of the house may be seen here.


Notting Hill


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Elgin Crescent