New Warehouse, Islington

We designed this house for a fascinating backlands site in the heart of Georgian Islington. Formerly occupied by an early 20th century warehouse building, which was in extremely poor structural condition (with gaps in the walls wide enough to pass your hands through), we designed a building closely copying the scale and massing of the original building above ground, but with a radically different internal programme and layout. The building makes use of significant below ground excavation and fantastic mezzanine interior spaces.

We chose dark bricks to emulate the old warehouse walls, and provide a subtle, recessive backdrop to the fine terraced houses whose rear elevations look onto the building; we selected rusted weathered metal triple-glazed windows and a dark slate roof. The practice was responsible for working very closely with our client to detail the interior architecture; decoration is by Maria Speake, of Retrouvius, and includes many objects from the owners’ fascinating collection.




New Warehouse, Islington