A Country House in the South of England

This is a fine neo-classical house with later Arts & Crafts additions. in 2017, the house was sold for the first time ever to a new family, and we were asked to decorate it and breathe new life into its old rooms. The house had been beautifully looked after by the previous family who owned it, and our involvement – unusually for a project of this nature – did not need to involve a huge programme of repair and renewal. We were able to treat our work more gently, therefore, rotating around the building over the course of 2 or 3 summers, while the owners were away, to carefully re-do the whole house. This form of somewhat slow decorating is very conducive to creating a settled and intuitive result.

Our clients had strong interest in colour and pattern, and we designed rooms that picked up on the Regency architecture, with bold shades of coral, moss green and browns to respond to the fine historic interiors. At the same time we were influenced by sources such as 1960s Colefax & Fowler, and 1970s David Hicks, to create strong interiors that felt new and fresh, with a sense of liveliness that can be missing in historical interior decoration. The family were young and filled with a sense of fun and glamour – an atmosphere that needed to pervade everything we did.



Southern England


A Country House in the South of England