Elgin Crescent

For a happy former client, we were delighted to help on a new project in the heart of Notting Hill, restoring and upgrading one of the boldly coloured 19th-century townhouses in Elgin Crescent.

Following a significant programme of architectural redesign – the house had been very poorly renovated by a developer, and our task was to put back an interior will a suitably authentic historic character – we moved on to design the interiors throughout the tall townhouse. We were inspired to create a layered house that blended the spirit of today with the best of 1970s and early 80s English decoration – hessian walls, Morris & Co wallpapers, traditional joinery – an atmosphere that the house had perhaps been inherited from a stylish aunt rather than having a top-to-toe, bland renovation so beloved of the Notting Hill Estate Agent.   A strong sense of colour and pattern abounds throughout, but with the hope that this interior will look as fresh and interesting in thirty years’ time as it does today.



Notting Hill


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Elgin Crescent