An Apartment in Regent’s Park

We designed this apartment for a young client with an extraordinary and confident sense of style and taste. Located in one of the finest terraces in Regent’s Park, the building had been badly bombed during World War 2 and had entirely lost its historic interiors as a result. A significant lateral apartment had been created which had been remodelled two or three times since the 1960s, most recently by the previous owners in a neo-classical French style.

Our client liked this backdrop, and we build upon much of the existing fabric in developing our design. We have a real policy within the studio to work with existing building detailing wherever it is well done and authentic – not least from a position of sustainability, and avoiding unnecessary waste. However, we did entirely remodel a poorly designed kitchen and bathroom, as well as creating a new library and media area in the drawing room.

The decoration of the rooms is intentionally spare and restrained, with an almost minimalist aesthetic in areas – the softest palette of grey and lilac is used in the living room and kitchen, but combined with a far more dramatic treatment in the central entrance hallway and master bedroom. A palette of dusky blue, the softest shell pink and taupe reverberates throughout, and provides a foil for our client’s wonderful collection of antique and mid-century furniture, and contemporary art.




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An Apartment in Regent’s Park