A London Pied-a-terre

This decoration project took a bland, recently renovated apartment in Chelsea and transformed it, with a brief to create a warm, cozy and interesting interior for a couple who visit London occasionally.

The drawing room has stunning views looking across the rooftops of Old Chelsea. The large room was divided to create two separate seating areas, one centred on an existing fireplace, the other around a large television. Background colours, at the client’s request, were kept simple, airy and neutral, but pattern and texture brought in to the room in cushions, lamps and other furnishings.

The dark entrance hall was painted a deep plum colour and hung with 18th century architectural engravings to provide a dramatic arrival in the apartment. A series of bedrooms were decorated to provide soft, restful, gentle interiors for the owners.


Drayton Gardens, London

2013 - 2014

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A London Pied-a-terre