Over two decades now, our practice has designed houses and buildings in Poundbury for the Duchy of Cornwall. Poundbury, the experimental urban extension to Dorchester envisioned by the former Prince of Wales in the 1980s, and masterplanned by Leon Krier, brings to fruition the most significant delivered new urbanist development seen in Europe. Internationally renowned for its creation of mixed-use, walkable streets, with a significant proportion of affordable housing, Poundbury could be considered perhaps the most influential housing project in the United Kingdom since the Second World War.

Our work in Poundbury began in the late 1990s, when, as a student at the Prince’s Institute for Architecture, Ben won a small limited competition to design the first phase of Pummery Square.  Five years later, we designed Woodlands Crescent, and then in 2012 work started on the South East Quadrant.  Since that date, the practice has designed or masterplanned over 1000 houses, including Royal Pavilion which forms the focal point of Krier’s masterplan.

Our experience in Poundbury, working with the Duchy and with Leon Krier, puts us at the heart of the new urbanist planning movement and from here we have gone on to design several other major schemes, including the Tornagrain New Town in the Highlands, South-East Faversham, for the Duchy of Cornwall, in Kent, and Welborne, in Hampshire.  Large scale masterplanning remains a fundamental part of our practice’s work, as it has been from the first, and we love applying the lessons of Poundbury and these other projects on a wider and wider scale – improving the built environment of the British Isles and leaving, hopefully, a powerful legacy over the decades.


The Duchy of Corwall

Poundbury, Dorchester

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