Roussillon Park

Roussillon Park is an important site in the centre of Chichester, just to the north of the historic town centre. Formally a military Barracks, the site is being redeveloped by ZeroC to provide 250 dwellings.

We have adopted a traditional street layout that responds to the historic street patterns within Chichester. A narrow, gridded street pattern links a series of green public spaces.

The architectural language adopts the scale, proportion and materials of traditional town houses, but is designed to feel intentionally contemporary in its restraint, and more modern detailing of elements such as doors, windows and railings. William Smalley Architects worked alongside us on the design of houses.

Construction commenced in 2012 and the site was completed in 2018. Demand for houses within the development has been extremely enthusiastic.
We have also designed the interiors for two show homes, which can be viewed here.



Chichester, West Sussex

2010 - 2018

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Roussillon Park